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Testolic – Body Research


  • Testolic – Body Research
    If you are looking for a fast-acting steroid and you want to gain quality muscle mass without unnecessary hydration, then testosterone propionate is suitable for you, it is also sold under the above-mentioned trade name Testolic. However, I do not recommend this substance to beginners, as it is necessary to inject every other day. This could soon disgust inexperienced steroid users and would force them to switch to a longer testosterone ester – such as enathate or cypionate, which is enough to apply once a week. Testosterone propionate is very suitable for pre-competitive preparation as it does not retain water in the muscles.Testolic – Body Research

    Side effects:
    As it is still a testosterone ester, it has similar side effects as:
    – high blood pressure
    – decrease in endogenous testosterone production
    – increased aggression
    – severe acne in more sensitive individuals

    Testosterone propionate is usually applied every other day in a dose of 50 – 150 mg. If you don’t mind frequent injections, you can take 50-100 mg every day. As it works within 1-2 days from the first application, a cycle of 8 weeks is enough. But it is no problem to take 12 weeks, for example, in combination with Boldenon.

    You do not need to take testosterone injections just to gain muscle mass. Testolic is also suitable for use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, depression and anxiety, decreased appetite for sex. If you have any of the above symptoms, but you want to be really sure that you have low testosterone levels, then visit a doctor specializing in: andrologist, urologist. It will determine the exact sex hormone in your blood. Another benefit of Testolic injections is efficient fat burning, men have less body fat than women and this is mainly due to higher testosterone levels.

    Testolic – Body Research side effects
    Among the most common side effects seen in athletes, such as acne, Gynecomastia, hair loss, prostate enlargement. As a general rule such side effects occur as a result of a significant drug overdose. Therefore, the competent and safe solution to the observance of the optimal dose and timing of the course. Women may experience masculinization.

    As any other drug on the basis of testosterone, he converted easily and scented to estrogen in humans. This is also due to its side effects.

    To avoid them, it is recommended not to exceed the permissible doses of the drug, as well as the use of aromatase inhibitors.

    Testolic – Body Research

    The drug has a good property anabolic, can significantly increase the muscle mass of the athlete, leads to its quality.

    It also increases the body’s resistance during long and exhausting training, increases libido, and is thus applicable preventive drug against ischemia and coronary heart disease.

    Apart from all this, and the drug has a pronunciation fat burning properties, so it is able to improve the quality of muscle mass increase several times.

    The creators of the drug were released good biochemical properties. Therefore, you can change in a positive direction of the nitrogen in the body balance, increases the level of insulin-like growth factor not only muscle but also in the liver, so it facilitates greatly the work rate during the administration of other anabolic steroids.

    It also restores a muscular athlete. This takes place through satellite cell proliferation in muscle tissue, in consequence of which it is not hyperplasia, which leads to the normalization and the restoration of the muscles of athletes.

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